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Antonio Ciccone

Ceri Vintage Backyard
October 3-17, 2009

Christiana V. Ciccone


 Antonio Ciccone - Personale in San Frediano

We wish to  pay tribute to San Frediano, the famous 13th century Florentine neighborhood – traditional home to many artists and artisans. Our one-man exhibition PERSONALE IN SAN FREDIANO features the art of Antonio Ciccone.  In fact, my father rented his first studio in San Frediano in 1960!   Why, you might ask, did he choose  San Frediano for his atelier -  was it because of its fame as a community of artists or because he fell in love with the garden in the studio courtyard? Or was it the area’s proximity to the magnificent Boboli gardens, Porta Romana and to the antique walls that surround his beloved city of art… some day I must ask him!  There were a succession of other studios, all in San Frediano: on Borgo San Frediano, Borgo della Stella, his present studio on Via dei Serragli.

Over the years Ciccone has had a number of shows in San Frediano. I recall: Galleria Studio, Borgo S. Frediano (1975); Dolce Vita, Piazza del Carmine (1988);  Florence Dance Center, Borgo della Stella (1991, 1993);  Studio d’Arte Il Moro, Borgo della Stella (1993);  SAP Ex Convento del Carmine, Piazza del Carmine (2000);  Convitto della Calza, Piazza della Calza (2002).

The drawings on show today are a synthesis of the various series of works that connect Ciccone to his Florentia: his “omaggi” are recollections, veritable hymns of gratitude and joy that typify the maestro’s character.
Omaggio a Brunelleschi, Omaggio a Benvenuto Cellini, Omaggio a Michelangelo, all honor the works of masters that had a primary role in the artist’s development during his formative years and that today he interprets with enthusiasm and creativity.

Ciccone derives much inspiration from long walks and time spent in Florentine piazze observing the sculptures – these often form the background to drawings of tourists avidly photographing the monuments – the admirers of the arts.  He studies them in his work which oftentimes will include his own family members: Omaggio a Santa Maria Novella is a joyful self-portrait of the artist at play with his small grandson, while  Sull’Arno represents the same grandfather walking by the Arno river with a granddaughter on his shoulders and the church of San Frediano in Cestello in the composition.

He studies the light, the sky, the clouds.  He observes the architecture and its relationship to nature.   He celebrates the city and the people who animate it.  Ciccone pays tribute to the “observers” like himself: Osservando il Perseo, Conversazione, Arno.

The exhibition is enriched by a selection of charcoal portraits of friends of the maestro: Annigoni e Rosella, Stefano De Rosa, Eugenio Giani, Pier Francesco Listri, Mauro Pagliai, John T. Spike.

Lamberto Banchi, portrays the local  bronze-castor on the corner of Via dei Serragli at his work while Marga Nativo and Keith Ferrone  (Marga and Keith) of the Florence Dance Center on Borgo Stella are the protagonists of a large body of work dedicated to the theme of the dance.

A program of events is available.

Christiana V. Ciccone





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