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Ritratti di Fanfani 
Istituto Italo-Latinoamericano
Rome, Italy

Floriano De Santi

"Portraits of Fanfani (from show catalogue)

"For Ciccone a portrait is pretext for dialogue, a way of penetrating the human psyche. To him, drawing means putting ideas in motion - as Proust said quoting Leonardo - il segno una cosa mentale. Nothing is more alarming: falling into an idea is like plunging into an abyss, an endless whirlpool, with a constant risk of being swept away. If in the 1994 "Nello Studio" series, the Florentine artist has taken pleasure in the obstinate stubbornness of the unbroken line, in this 1997 series "Portraits of Fanfani", he prefers interlacing, winding and branching lines. Previously, his rhythm was rapid and adventurous, now it is slow, cautious, meticulous, as if he were making statements and then erasing, adding, retouching, contradicting himself. Each pose or theme develops in a series of variations, echoing with endless resonance the classical model as well as expressive and interpretative stylistic features."

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