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Nello Studio/In the Studio 
Tipografia Latini
Florence, Italy

Paola Bortolotti

 from Nello Studio/In the Studioello

"I have written before about Antonio Ciccone's attitude toward the human body, and had occasion to emphasize his awareness, in his drawings of dancers.  In these ink "divertimenti" there is an even greater awareness: the figures that he has drawn reflect his concept of a harmonious body, healthy but conscious of some imperfection, of a potential, immanent vulnerability.  An awareness, however, that is never patronizing, but rather serene, without the spectre of encroaching destiny."  


"His studies on movement coincide with analogous efforts at different times in the history of art, in the line that goes from neo-classicism to impressionism to realism, always far from abstraction and conceptualism, because the artist loves to draw things and people as they are.  His human body is a package containing a vital force and a vast, unconquerable energy.  An energetic force that fills space with itself and, in contrast with the physicality of the body depicted, is poetically impalpable like music playing softly in the background."

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