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Eco d'Arte Moderna n.102
Florence, Italy
Nov./Dec. 1995

Roberta Fiorini

from "Antonio Ciccone's Themes on Show and in a New Book"

    The landscape that we find most often in Ciccone's paintings depicts the hot, rocky hillsides of the Gargano region with their unexpected foreshortenings and amazing perspectives.  These can be perceived almost as an informal pattern of interwoven chromatic fields and symbols melting into luminous skies of infinite depth, emerging almost self-sustained in the linear, geometrical space - in the latter - (perhaps because the medium is so congenial to the artist) resolving contrast and achieving an extraordinary harmony between the figure or the face outlined and the surface space: a white immensity, broken only by essential lines, symbolic references.  Here we see the key to all of Ciccone's work, his particular expressiveness in the careful blend and coherent fusion between the intense interpretation of reality and the free and spatial definition of the visual field.  His is a masterful formal solution that always suggests a particular communication between the subject (as a partial, microcosmic element explored in its most real aspects), and its surroundings, the macrocosm...immeasurable and mysterious.


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