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2009 News release: Spring Song

Spring Song illustrates the perennial technical challenge Ciccone faces in his endeavour to fuse his subject with light – he does so by way of a masterly interplay between his charcoal pencil and the fine cotton drawing paper, exalting once again his extraordinary talent and his all consuming love for art.” article

2009 News release: Personale in San Frediano

"The drawings on show today are a synthesis of the various series of works that connect Ciccone to his Florentia: his “omaggi” are recollections, veritable hymns of gratitude and joy that typify the maestro’s character." article

2008 Press release: The Avery Series "This prolific collection of works embodies the artist’s devotion to his perception of family and creativity." article
2008 Reflections on Antonio Ciccone's Avery Series "Ciccone has created an inspired race! His subjects are both elegant and full of strength." article
2004 rewiew: antonio ciccone "This series, called The Lydia series, consists of 26 portraits of Lydia Forbes, including some with her husband, Robert Forbes, and their son Miguel." article
2004 The Lydia series (brochure) "The Lydia Series by Antonio Ciccone (Italian, b. 1939) is a connoisseur's lesson in the artistic development of a portrait." article
2002 Padre Pio and Antonio Ciccone: An Inspired Friendship "From 1958-64 Ciccone was commissioned to paint a number of frescoes in the Capuchin Friary and so, living in a cell at the friary, had the opportunity to enrich his friendship with Padre Pio and to observe and study him from an artistic perspective."  article
1999  Antonio Ciccone's Padre Pio (book)  "I can confirm, without fear of contradiction, that in Antonio Ciccone's portraits I rediscover Padre Pio in his entirety..." article
1998   Ritratti di Fanfani (brochure)  "For Ciccone a portrait is pretext for dialogue, a way of penetrating the human psyche." article
1995   Nello Studio/In the Studio (book)  "I have written before about Antonio Ciccone's attitude toward the human body, and had occasion to emphasize his awareness, in his drawings of dancers." article
1995  Eco d'Arte Moderna   "Here we see the key to all of Ciccone's work, his particular expressiveness in the careful blend and coherent fusion between the intense interpretation of reality and the free and spatial definition of the visual field." article
1989 Newsday "...he shows nine charcoal drawings delineating the body either through realistic shadowing that reveals curves and muscles or through an alternative linear simplicity." article
1989 Southampton Press    "Antonio Ciccone's charcoal drawings of female nudes are straightforward, realistically finely rendered scenes in which landscapes or a studio backdrop is sometimes deliberately left unfinished;" article
1986 Padre Pio and the Gargano (catalogue) "Ciccone, with outstanding draughtsmanship, reproduces detailed scenes of this land of his childhood: there is an excellent series of landscape paintings in which a gradual build-up of chromatic values produces stupendous aerial perspectives." article
1976 The New York Times "The art of Antonio Ciccone is spindrift.  Like the wind-blown sea spray, it is elusive, poetic and wispy, resisting convenient descriptions." article

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