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Antonio Ciccone
The Avery Series  

May 2008

Christiana Ciccone

 Press release    

 The Avery Series


The Avery Series is Antonio Ciccone’s most recent artistic endeavor.  This prolific collection of works embodies the artist’s devotion to his perception of family and creativity.
The Avery Series takes its name from its protagonist Avery, to whom a family “portrait” has been dedicated.  The series was born when the initial studies for a commissioned portrait began to increase in number and technique. 
Ciccone’s abilities as a master portraitist exceed his exceptional technical skill and display an extraordinary capacity to fuse the likeness of his subject with a perceptive insight into human nature. One is impressed by a sense of intimate acquaintance – a personal introduction to one’s own inner qualities.
Three preferred techniques are used in developing the Avery Series: charcoal pencil, China ink and acrylic/canvas on board.  To date, 80 oeuvres number the collection, 50 of which will be on show at the Società delle Belle Arti – Circolo degli Artisti “Casa di Dante” in Via S. Margherita, 1 – Florence from May 31- June 12. 
Prof. John T. Spike, author of the introductory essay for Ciccone’s new art book:
The  Avery Series/Portrait of an American Family will present the exhibition at 5:00 p.m. on May 31st.

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